Invasion of Novus


Decade of Darkness




Novari Vs. Thru'Ki


Thru'Ki Flagship destroyed, Truce signed. War ended. Novus victory.


NDF Junix and TKD Alkirr

The Invasion of Novus was an attack against the Novari homeworld during the Decade of Darkness.

Instigated by the Thru'Ki fleet, Novus was taken by surprise. More than 12 capital ships, including 4 dreadnaughts, swept into orbit, quickly wiping out 70% of the defences before they had chance to get online. With only 2 dreadnaughts - the NDF Janari and the NDF Junix - in orbit, the Novari were severly outnumbered and outgunned.

However, due to the newly developed EMP device on the planet, the Thru'Ki ships were taken offline long enough for the NDF forces to destroy 3 dreadnaughts and 6 capital ships, giving them an edge.

Despite this, the Junix was forced to attempt to abandon ship. Due to an unforseen issue with the emergency escape pods, almost all of the NCO's were unable to abandon ship. With no alternative, the NCO's remained with Captain Henci Franu as he rammed and destroyed the Thru'Ki Flagship - the TKD Alkirr.

Following the destrucion of their Flagship and the loss of the majority of their ships, the Thru'Ki were forced to surrender to the Novari, bringing an end to the war.

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