NDF Janari




Laxto Drive Yards


Capital ship


Novarian Defence Fleet


Type 10 Nuclear Warheads, 12 Yuhl-class Fighter Squadrons, Tractor Beam, 80 Flak Turrets, 120 Point Defence Turrets, 2 Heavy Ion Canons

Senior Crew

C.Officer - Fleet Admiral Truman Paxus X.Officer - Colonel Lucia Flaaq


The NDF Janari is the Flagship of the Novarian Defence Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Truman Paxus.

Having served in more battles than any other NDF dreadnaught, the Janari was commended by former Malica Arnu Leq.

The Janari is the only dreadnaught to play host to a Coalition of Worlds Diplomatic Assembly since its foundation in 1-568-7H.

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