NDF Junix




Laxto Drive Yards


Capital Ship


Novarian Defence Fleet


Type 10 Nuclear Warheads, 12 Yuhl-class Fighter Squadrons, Tractor Beam, 80 Flak Turrets, 120 Point Defence Turrets, 2 Heavy Ion Cannons

The NDF Junix is a Polmare-class Dreadnaught, the sister ship of the NDF Flagship, the NDF Janari. Destroyed during the Invasion of Novus, more than 2000 Novari crewmembers were killed when the Junix's emergency escape pods failed to launch. All senior crew members managed to escape in the Emergency Escape Craft, except Captain Henci Franu, the ships Commanding Officer, who stayed behind to use the ship in a suicide attack on the Thru'Ki Flagship.

Following the battle, the Polmare-class underwent several major design overhauls inorder to improve crew safety; these included the rerouting of power to the escape pods in the event of an unwinable situation.

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