The Novari are a humanoid species native to the terran world of Novus, located in the Prantus system.

Their skin is a dull shade of grey, having adapted to the binary suns in their system. Bright green eyes are common among the species, with violet eyes considered rare and special. Telepathy is something that half of the Novari are blessed with, while the other half are looked down upon. Pureity of bloodline is what decides the leader, or 'Malica', which reigns until death.

Sepera Oc'Pril is the incumbant leader of the Novari.

In 5-811-3A, a Civil War, known as the Decade of Darkness, tore through the Prantus system. Over 12 billion died before a truce was signed between the Thru'Ki and the Novari. The neighbouring worlds of the Prantus system closed their borders to the Novari following the Decade of Darkness, as the threat of a second war was too great to be risked. As a result, the Novari suffered a great economic crisis that caused poverty among many of their worlds.

Famed for their great space navy, the Novari is headed up by the NDF Janari, a huge dreadnaught of the Polmare-class and captained by Fleet Admiral Truman Paxus. The NDF - Novarian Defence Fleet - is often called upon to defend worlds that are part of the Coalition of Worlds, the inter-galactic government that governs most of the known galaxy. 10th Rentus Fleet is one of the most decorated fleets in the Coalition.

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