Capital world of the Novari speicies, Novus is a lush terran world with vast, sprawling cities that span over 4 different continents. Seat of all Novari politics, Novus was a strong contender for the capital of the Coalition of Worlds, however lost to Quinturus. Febern Square, located on the continent of Matri, contains a bronze statue of Sepera Op'Ril, the incumbent Malica of the Novari worlds. The Malican Libraries are also located in Febern Square.

The Capital Building is a giant building that spans 1/5 of the continent Apryo and staffs more than 1 million Novari.

Due to the binary suns in the system, the world is ideal for agriculture. Capitalising on this, Novus has a booming wine industry, producing millions of bottles of the well known "Novus Dry" every year.

Orbited by Novus Shipyards, incoming and outgoing travel is high, making security a problem. However, there is always at least 2 NDF capital ships in orbit of the planet. The NDF Janari was positioned over Novus throughout the Decade of Darkness, along with her sister ship, the NDF Junix, which was destroyed during the Invasion of Novus.

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