the ground is very simple. This page will provide the seeds for which all articles will be based. It will lay the foundation for the science fiction universe to be created aswell as a design document for the changes to the website.

the universe

mostly what is to not be included

  • No intergalactic travel, the universe will be contained to a single galaxy.
  • No more than 40 sentient species, this way we can concentrate on developing individual cultures
  • Space whales exist in this universe,
  • extreme limitations on supernatural abilities of entire races. only three races with psychic abilities will be allowed.

The Site

design doc for the site.

  • Any image that is added should be of reasonable quality.
  • a logo will have to be crafted, something htat relates to the idea of creation, nothing religious.
  • Keep in mind changes to the front page and to this page must go through me first.

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