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Hello From Total Science Fiction

Welcome to TSF, this wiki is a creative project that encourages the complete and total creative process. The idea is to create a new and unified science fiction universe from the ground up, A new universe as viewed from the minds of average wikia browsers like you or I.


  • the site of creativity is created


There are relatively few rules in this wiki, however failure to follow these rules will result in a permaban.

  • the first rule is relatively simple and should go without saying, The use of content from another science fiction universe, or if something is to similar to an existing science fiction universe, is strictly prohibited.
  • the adding of images with offensive content is prohibited. This also goes without saying, hopefully you know what sort of images I am talking about.
  • Racism/Sexism/ and any other form of hatred for another group of humans is not allowed outside of a fictional context
  • Seriousness is encouraged. Some humor is allowed but not much. Examples of what is and isn't allowed. Allowed: Cute and cuddly creatures that happen to be vicious. What is not allowed: creatures that involve the excrement of other creatures.
  • When i say the website will be built from ground up i mean it. Please visit The Ground page for more details
  • the final rule actually is a bit odd. By posting something on this website you are giving up a unique and new idea, however if you intend to release something in a published work please do not post it here. If you posted something and you write a book with that something it will be removed from the site.